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Why treat?

Treats help build a bond with your dog, they are an effective tool when training, they allow you to refine and compliment nutrition, and they bring a little fun and excitement into your lives too!



Dogs have some basic primary drives - and food is often top of that list! Treats can be an invaluable training tool – perfect as a handy reward and to help keep your dog calm and focussed during training.


Treats are perfect for hand-feeding, This helps develop bonds between a dog and their human, the process of feeding a treat by hand can become a focus for trust.

Supplementing diet and dental health

There’s a tasty natural dog treat or chew for every dog.
Natural chews and treats can help you support your dogs health & wellbeing, many contain essential nutritional elements such as protein, fish oils and vitamins.
To supporting dental hygiene longer lasting chews are perfect - dogs do love to chew!

Adding excitement & Interest

Smaller treats are perfect for stuffing into boredom-buster toys or using as a yummy topper on their usual meal. They are also great for tempting fussy eaters or helping boost appetite.

Showing affection!

Dogs love treats – and will love you all the more if you treat them!

Gifts from nature

100% Natural ingredients